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About paper drill bits

It is very important to drill with the right type of paper drill bit.
Below you'll find an indication how to choose the right drill bit:

  Uncoated White and Copy paper Coated paper Glazed paper Cardboard Plastic (soft PVC, PE)  Aluminium foil (< 0,05 mm) Textile Rubber / Elastic Leather


= recommended    = alternative    = not recommended

Made of high quality steel. Suitable for most kinds of paper, but best for offset- and copier paper.

Made of high quality steel with a teflon coating. Reduces the warming up of the drills by friction during drilling of light plastic coated material. The smooth teflon coating prefends sticking and static clinging of the material to the paper drill. Especially suitable for plastic, rubber and elastic products.

Made of high quality steel and coated with titanium. Especially suitable for plastic, foil and coated material. The smooth and hard coating reduces the problem of sticking of the material to the drills and has a 3 times longer durability.

There are also paper drill bits with different types of coating, like WolframCarbid (Top), HardChrom or a combination from de types mentioned above. Are you looking for a specific type of coating? Call or email us for the possibillities.

!! TIP !!

When the paper drill bit starts to beep when drilling, it is recommended to drill through a sheet of waxed paper (paraffin paper). Because the scrap of waxed paper will slide upwards in the hollow drill, also the interior of the drill lubricated. This prolongs the life of your drill bit.