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Here you find products that are on sale because, by example, the quantity per box has changed, or there is a new model of a tool.

Anyhow, the products are offered for very competitive prices.

Take that advantage, because SOLD = SOLD

Model: ST-5.5MM-LIHIT
**ONLY 5 LEFT** Lihit paper drill bit for Lihit paper drilling machines (models 1013 and 1015) Made of high quality steel. D1 (Ø hole) L1 (total length) L2 (drilling length) 5,5 mm 80 mm 55 mm  ..
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Test product
Manufacturer: BestFix Model: TEST
Test product..
Model: PBTE-17.0
**ONLY 1 LEFT** Paper drill bit with a so called 'euro fitting' wich fits in most big brands like HANG®, Nagel®, Dürsselen® (a.o. citoborma, corta), Uchida® and Iram. Made of high quality steel with a teflon coating D1 (Ø hole) D2 (Ø shaft) L1 (total length) L2 (..
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