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About wire stitching machines

Why choose a wirestitcher?

The advantace of a wire stitchting machine, which uses stitchting wire, compared to a stapling machine, which uses preformed staples, not only is the price per stitching:

Stitching wire is significantly cheaper than preformed staples.
Stitching heads are adjustable depending the stitching thickness, so there are no different preformed staples needed
Continuity of the production process because of the many (kilo)meters of wire. You don't have to refill often
Depending your wishes, most machines can be supplied in a "round wire" or "flat wire" version.

Also on most of the machines there is a possibility for loop stitching; either as a separate stitching head or with a conversion kit (spare parts) from normal flat stitching to loop stitchting

On the other hand the purchase price of a wirestitcher is higher than a stapling machine with preformed staples.

We advise you when buying a machine to reckon with the finishing/closure of the staple.... 
Do you prefer a normal staple or better a "flat" staple which is space-saving?

This has to do with the type of clincher on the machine.

There are 2 types of clinchers:

Solid clinchers give a closure with round bend legs.
Advantage: no fast wear and tear

Movable clinchers give a flat closure
Advantage: space-saving. The wire stitching machines in our assortment are, exept for one, all suited for block- and brochure stitching.

The machines with 1 stitching head are also suitable for simple corner stitching.